Thursday, June 20, 2013

Challenge of a Lifetime

I just can't do it anymore...
A good while ago I purchased a Humble Indie Bundle; I proceeded to add all the games to my Steam account and I never touched them...... until now. So I started off with this fine game, Super Meat Boy; the game is fun and the challenge is even better. The feeling of accomplishment that you get from completing a difficult jump to finish a level is second to none.

Unfortunately for me, the first screen I saw when I started this game recommended that I use a gamepad. Well, that wasn't an option for me since I didn't bother to bring my gamepad along for my trip (totally thought about it too). "Keyboard can't be that bad," I said and although it wasn't for the the first couple of chapters (albeit I died countless times), now I'm stuck on chapter 3 (sad, I know) and my patience has gone out the window.

So the moral of the story is, always be prepared. You think you don't need it? Well let me tell you, you do need it.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I'll attempt to post at least once a day; whatever time permits...

Captain's log, stardate 1312.4,

I have come back to my hometown, visiting the parental units. Stuck within the confine of my old bedroom with no cable (couldn't even watch the NBA finals yesterday, but I got to read about it :D, right?), I decided to take out my Nintendo DS and continue an adventure across time. So let's tackle a video game today.
I can't remember the amount of times that I have played this game; I never had the chance to own Chrono Trigger for the Super Nintendo (though I had borrowed it), but I was able to pick up a copy of Final Fantasy Chronicles at a local Fry's back when I was in middle school. However, the convenience of traveling with one of my favorite RPGs is what sold me on this iteration (well, also combined with the fan in me... trying to make some kind of economical justification).

Corridors of time:
Out of the games I own, only a handful do I revisit on more than one occasion, this being one of them. No matter how many time I play this game, it truly never gets old for me; from the traditional JRPG style, to the soundtrack, and the cast. Although he has no speaking lines, Chrono is one of my favorite game characters; the stoic, selfless, warrior that stops a monster plaguing generations of people (as opposed to someone like Squall, who just cries for most of Final Fantasy VIII).

The absurdity of the story, as told by a 10 year old, never fails to amaze me either (wake up => festival => hero of time), and re-experiencing it now is still the same; the journey and discovery of the worlds fate is a masterpiece in classic gaming. One of the most intriguing and defining moments of this tale is during the Kingdom of Zeal's fall; seeing a power hungry individual cause the destruction of an advanced civilization and the fall of a hero. It is moments such as these that keep me playing.

So as I finish writing this, I suppose I will get back to playing Chrono Trigger. In light of re-releases such as Final Fantasy III and IV, I wondered how I would feel with a graphical remake. I would probably love it, but I guess I appreciate this version having been untouched; reliving this game as I first experienced it.

Brave New World.... of Blogging

Good Morning World,

Is this post time stamped? If so, ignore the time that I posted this and just imagine I posted right as you are reading this (which I hope is the morning, like 9AM), just for you. I'm hoping that I can bring you, the reader, entertainment and information from reading my thoughts and reviews on games, movies, and, some sports (mainly football and basketball).

About myself? Well if you insist... I'll tell you another time; this relationship is moving too fast.

Anyways I suppose I'll give you a little sample of what is too come. So lets start with a movie that I saw recently...
I hope you're not sick of seeing reviews of this movie yet, but just in case, I'll keep it short.

I can't remember the last time I went to the movies (Prometheus?), but I'm glad I went and saw This Is The End. For the most part, it did live up to the humor that I had read in reviews; one of the funniest scenes for me was Jonah trying to "lighten up the mood" with a gun. However, at times it did get a little too excessive with jokes that involved homosexual implications. I suppose that's something to be expected with the way comedic films have been.

But would I see it again? Sure. 

 In recent memory, there has been a lot of apocalyptic media (zombies, looking at you) and I felt this film was great in presenting a comedic side (a la Shawn of the Dead) about our impending doom.

Doom, doom, doom.